New Kids On The Block

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In the early 1980s, Maurice Starr discovered R&B/Pop quintet New Edition. He co-wrote and co-produced their debut with the hits “Candy Girl”.

As of 1984, Maurice and his business partner, Mary Alford started to create the five members with white boys member as a group.

Donnie Wahlberg (1986) | Donnie wahlberg, Kids fans, New kids on the block

First up Maurice discovered a 15 year old Donnie Wahlberg with his rapping skills and dancing ability and his younger brother Mark.

young and beautiful❤ | New kids on the block, New kids, Donnie wahlberg

As for Mark and decided to quit in a few months. As of Donnie and his friends Jamie Kelly and Danny Wood since in Elementary school and decided to join the music group.

A very young Jordan Knight

After Donnie, Jamie & Danny accepted this group meanwhile, Maurice discovered Jordan Knight and sang an exceptional falsetto and auditioned.

Jon Knight - 1986 | Jonathan knight, New kids on the block, New kids

Following Jordan join as a group with his older brother Jonathan Knight was joining too.

As the group began but Jamie Kelly did not make to the group due to conflicting of school work. Since they have four members are Donnie, Danny, Jon and Jordan.

Maurice Starr looks at the history of Band Bands such as The Osmonds (James) and The Jackson 5 Michael Jackson. Maurice has an idea of finding the youngest member.

Joey McIntyre 1986 Columbia records | New kids on the block, New kids, Joey  mcintyre

And finally Maurice Starr discovered the final member named 12 year old Joey Mcintyre to take place of Jamie Kelly.

Nynuk....flashback.. | Kindheitserinnerungen, Erinnerungen, Kindheit

The group members are completed and started rehearsed after school and on weekend and named the group called Nynuk.

Nynuk meaning as an exclamation from the Three Stooges and the name of the dog in the movie The Lost Boys and also Nanook of the North is a 1922 American silent documentary film. But the groups decided to rename with five boy band members where Starr came up the name,

New Kids on the Block 1986 | New kids on the block, New kids, Nkotb

However, Donnie Wahlberg has a good group name idea for the boys it’s called “New Kids On The Block” while Donnie raps and had written and arranged for their first album and has been contracted Columbia Records.

New Kids on the Block, By the Numbers

In April 1986, Columbia Records released the group’s self-titled debut album. It’s very bubble-gum pop, pseudo early Osmonds/New Edition.

New Kids on the Block-Hangin' Tough (album cover).jpg

After the failure of the first album, Starr had the group back in the studio for most of 1987 and 1988 recording their second album and it’s called Hangin’ Tough and it was released on August 12, 1988.

Hangin' Tough by New Kids On The Block on TIDAL

Since the 1988 release of Hangin’ Tough, the New Kids had performed as the opening act for fellow teen pop singer Tiffanys successful North American tour. Due to a sudden rise of the group’s popularity, Tiffany wound up opening for them on this tour, but they were credited as co-headliners.

Old School 80s on Twitter: "April 24, 1989: Massachusetts officially  declared it to be New Kids on the Block Day. #80s @NKOTB… "

On April 24, 1989 The Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis declared it’s New Kids On The Block Day.

New Kids On The Block - 30 years ago at the @nickelodeon @kcas New Kids on  the Block performed. About to head down to shoot this years edition. I  haven't missed one

New Kids appeared the 3rd annual Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards held on June 25, 1989 at Universal Studios Hollywood.

25 Boy Band Photo Shoots That Went Horribly Wrong | New kids on the block,  Boy bands, New kids

New Kids On The Block musical special guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1989.

Merry merry christmas.jpg

Merry, Merry Christmas is the third studio album by New Kids On the Block on September 19, 1989 featuring This One’s for the Children.

200+ Best NKOTB images | nkotb, new kids on the block, new kids

New Kids On the Block appears on Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 1989

Stepbystep album cover.jpg

By the early 1990, New Kids On the Block had become one of the most popular acts in the United States. The fourth studio album is called Step By Step was released on June 1990.

New Kids on the Block Cartoon 1991 | New kids, New kids on the block, Nkotb

In the beginning there was a new cartoon show called New Kids On The Block and aired on September 8 – December 14, 1990 on ABC.

New Kids on the Block Magic Summer Tour (1990) comic books

The group performed an estimated two hundred concerts a year, with an extravagant worldwide concert tour that summer, called The Magic Summer Tour, sponsored by Coke. 

Teen rockers New Kids on the Block joined the ranks of such immortals...  News Photo - Getty Images
Vintage 1990 New Kids On The Block Shirt Magic Summer Tour T Shirt Sz L |  eBay
New Kids on the Block: Comic Tour Issue # 3 (Harvey Publications)
Boyband New Kids On The Block Retro Lunchbox

7 VINTAGE NEW Kids On The Block Buttons Pins 1989 Big Steps Productions -  $11.49 | PicClick
Vintage Trading Cards NKOTB New Kids on the Block 1989 Topps 80's  Collectible Ephemera 80's Pop Music Boy Band by OffbeatA… | New kids on the  block, Nkotb, New kids

NKOTB-licensed merchandise included lunch boxes, buttons, T-shirts, comic books, dolls, trading cards.


New Kids released their remix album No More Games and it was released on November 15, 1990. Donnie led the group in this remix album which fused “Harder” elements of hip-hop and urban dance into the New Kids’ sound which includes Call it What You Want & Games [The Kids Get Hard Mix].

On February 10, 1992, the New Kids filed a defamation lawsuit against McPherson regarding his lip-syncing allegations. In April 1992, McPherson dropped his suit against Starr and released a statement recanting his previous allegations stating, “They [The New Kids] did sing lead on their vocals”.

Nkotb face the music cover.jpg

In 1993, after having split from Maurice Starr, the group shortened their name to the initialism NKOTB. In January 1994, their fourth studio album, Face the Music, was released. Their first studio album in close to four years, Face the Music was a musical departure from the group’s previous efforts. Nearly all the songs were written and/or co-produced by the group. In spite of some positive critical reception, the album failed to live up to commercial expectation.

After about two years out of the limelight, the New Kids went back into the studio and began recording their fourth studio album (sixth overall), before splitting up a year later. By this point, due to a strong backlash and allegations of lip-synching, the group pushed for a more mature image and song selection that would appeal to fans. In addition, they had outgrown the “New Kids” name: Joey McIntyre was 21, Jordan Knight was 23, Donnie Wahlberg and Danny Wood were 24, and Jonathan Knight was 25 years old.

My Kids, My New Kids (on the Block) & Other Stuff: New Kids on the Block  made a funny

On April 2008, the New Kids On The Block have been reunited to record some new songs.


The Block is the sixth studio album by New Kids on the Block. The album was released on September 2, 2008, along with a deluxe edition that included four bonus tracks.

New Kids on the Block soak up love on reunion tour – The Mercury News

The group’s reunion tour, New Kids on the Block: Live, began at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre on September 18, 2008. They toured the US with Natasha Bedingfield and Lady Gaga as supporting acts. There are 48 total concerts scheduled for Canada and the United States, nine in the United Kingdom, one in Ireland, one in France, one in Amsterdam, Netherlands and two in Germany.


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