New Vaccine to Stop COVID-19

Coronavirus: How soon can we expect a working vaccine? - BBC News

On November 9th 2020, the new vaccine for Pfizer and Biotech to stop preventing the Coronavirus so everyone will go back to normal soon as possible.

Once a COVID-19 Vaccine Is Ready, Getting People to Take It May Be a Bigger  Challenge | RAND

The scientist created a new vaccine to cure COVID-19.

I Want to See the Person's Face': Houston Judges Poll Attorneys About Face  Masks, COVID-19 Reopening Precautions | Texas Lawyer

Besides getting a vaccine, all people must continue to wear face mask to go somewhere places and travel only in United States.

Social Distancing

Social distance with other people

How to wash your hands and how long it takes to get clean - Insider

Wash Hands in 20 seconds

Dicom Inside Health: Feeling Sick? Tips on When to Stay Home

Stay at home if you feel sick for 14 days

15 Things People Under 18 Can Do to Help Keep Our Earth Clean – The Warrior

Hoping everyone will go back to normal from this global pandemic!


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